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Buddhist singing nun wins fans

video posted by: djgreetings on March 07, 2010

Buddhist nun, Ani Choying Dolma, a 37-year-old Tibetan-Nepali known as Nepal's "singing nun", has soared to global fame with her eight albums of Tibetan and Sanskrit meditation songs. The income from her CD sales has helped Dolma build the Arya Tara School, which has 58 students drawn from poor Nepali families, including some from neighbouring India and Tibet. Dolma wants to set up a kidney transplantation hospital in Kathmandu in the memory of her mother, who died of kidney problems. Buddhist nun, Ani Choying Dolma, a 37-year-old Tibetan-Nepali known as Nepal's "singing nun", has soared to global fame with her eight albums of Tibetan and Sanskrit meditation songs. The income from her CD sales has helped Dolma build the Arya Tara School, which has 58 students drawn from poor Nepali families, including some from neighbouring India and Tibet. Dolma wants to set up a kidney transplantation hospital in Kathmandu in the memory of her mother, who died of kidney problems.

Singing Can Change Your Life!

by: Beth Lawrence

If you love to sing, then you`re already aware that singing is fun, energizing and a
great stress reducer. But if you`re one of millions who claim ` can`t sing!` then I
suggest that you consider singing as an absolutely free, non-prescription, safe and
effective life-enhancing tool. If you`re facing physical, emotional or mental
challenges, or if you just want more peace and happiness, here are 10 ways singing can change your life!

1. Promotes deep breathing!

As you begin to use `full body breathing` with a relaxed, soft belly, you allow the
diaphragm to drop down, giving the lungs the freedom to expand more fully.
Relaxed abdominals are essential for proper breath support while singing. I like to
think of `filling up like a balloon` when I sing. This gives firm, active breath support
and allows for deep, full breathing. Singing promotes slow, deep, healthy

2. Oxygenates the blood!

As you use full body breathing, you are bringing in a greater volume of air. Oxygen
floods the blood system, bathing the cells in life-giving oxygen. You will feel more
alive as you breath deeply and fill yourself with energizing, oxygenated air! Singing oxygenates the blood!

3. Stimulates brain activity!

Singing requires thought. You are memorizing lyrics, melodies and rhythms, as well as connecting words with emotion. Your `singer`s breathing` technique is bringing more oxygen to the brain. Your brain`s neurons are firing furiously as you are integrating the physical, emotional and psychological functions necessary to joyful singing! Singing stimulates brain activity!

4. Releases `feel good` endorphins!

All this physical, neurological and emotional activity serves to release those `feel-
good` hormones called endorphins. So not only is your audience benefiting from
your lovely voice, but you are being flooded with happy hormones that give you a
sense of peace and well-being. Singing feels fantastic because it releases `feel
good` endorphins!

5. Reduces stress!

When you feel good, your stress level goes down. Endorphins help diminish stress
and agitation. By using deep, full body breathing you slow the heart rate and take
your mind off of unwanted anxiety. The next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed,
take a full body breath, and break out singing! Your stress will fly away as you reap
the benefit of joyful singing!

6. Builds self-confidence!

Speaking in public is still the #1 fear for Americans. Singing ranks right up there for
most of us. Singing is a risk-taking behavior because you`re putting yourself out
there in a very exposed way. It dredges up all our insecurities and self-imposed
limitations. When you dare to share your voice and music, a fantastic thing
happens. It`s like walking through fire. You overcome your fear, and emerge with
an incredible sense of accomplishment. You did it! Your self-esteem soars and you feel that you can do anything! Singing builds self-confidence in a BIG way!

7. Enhances memory!

Singing involves memorization as you learn new melodies, lyrics and complex
musical forms. It`s a great way to stimulate the areas of the brain involved with
memory, learning and concentration. Use it, or lose it! Singing is a great way to
enhance your memory!

8. Boosts creativity!

As you build your self-esteem and stimulate your artistic soul, you`ll find that all
areas of your life are positively affected by the act of singing. Suddenly you`ve
opened the floodgates of your creative soul, and you begin thinking outside the
box! Your productivity soars! By tapping into your creative reservoir you become
more alive and innovative! Singing boosts creativity!

9. Creates a powerful speaking voice!

If you`re a speaker, presenter, teacher, clergy or in any sales related business (aren`t we all??), you will benefit from learning to sing. Your voice is your instrument, no matter what you do in life, and singing gives you the skills to speak in a natural, powerful, confident voice. Everyone benefits from proper singing technique. You`ll discover your `true` voice that will reveal your confident, authentic self. Finding your voice is a joy. Singing creates a powerful speaking voice!

10. Makes you feel fantastic!

Singing makes you feel self-assured, in control, physically alive and fantastically
creative. It feeds your soul as it creates physical well-being. With increased self-
confidence you can do anything! Physical, mental and emotional health is a great
side effect of singing. There`s no doubt about it, singing makes you feel fantastic!

About the Author

Beth Lawrence is the only expert in the country teaching The Integrated Voice method, a holistic approach to voice coaching and therapy honoring the connection of body, mind and spirit. Beth is the CEO of Viva La Voice!, a company offering private coaching, workshops in the performing arts, and music camps for women.


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Shirley Purdy - 3/14/2010 1:50:24 AM
This article about singing is awesome,and so true . Ilove to sing even though I don't believe I am very good at it. I sing with gospel CDs on my way to work,and have found it does relieve stress. I love it and I do feel more confident now that I have been singing. Thanks for the information.

Carolyn Bame - 3/13/2010 6:58:45 AM
Beth, everything you've said about singing is true! And you can add to your list: the benefits of sound itself, right there in your own body. There is much hard, scientific evidence that shows that all parts of the body resonate with the sound, certain parts with certain frequencies. I would urge you to read Don Campbell's books regarding using music, sound and singing for healing. Singing is just one of the best medicines around! And if you feel you "can't sing", just make sounds like a fire siren, up and down the scale, as far up as you can go and as far down --over and over. It will help every part of your body!

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